MCMS 2002 & WWF (Architecture Overview)

Well one thing that i love about CMS 2002 workflow (yes if you dont know that ,this may be surprising to you ) is that its simple ( 3 step at most ) , secondly we have all the Events with much more authority , for example in contrast to SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Document Libarary Events (Uploading etc ) the events can stop the flow and revert the action something which is not possible SharePoint Portal Server 2003 DOcuemnt Libaray Events (you cant stop them they jsut happen and you are sort of notified!) .

Anyways come back to the subject of Workflow , i want to design a workflow for CMS 2002 using WWF (offcourse how can i forget that , group moderator please dont kick me out  ) , here is a simple digram of what i had in mind (by the way can i place a full visio picture here )


MCMS Aplication Boundary                                        WWF Execution Engine    
MCMS HTTPModule                                                             Start   
—————–                                                                        _                   
          ::                    <–MCMS Context Passed–>        Activities 1..n      
—————–                                                                     End


Now i recon that we passed the MCMSContext/Object to WWF where activites and all the logic is build , and later give the acknowledgment back to the caller , which in our case is Global.asax .


One thought on “MCMS 2002 & WWF (Architecture Overview)

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