Microsoft Server Faimly & More .....

MSServeSide Vista Launch Event In Islamabad

Venue: –   COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT).

Country:- Pakistan

City:-  Islamabad

Address:- PLOT: 30, H8/1, ISLAMABAD

Date : Saturday 26 May, 2007

Timings :- 4:00 PM till 6:00 PM (Sharp)


§         Windows Vista

§         Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

§         Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0

Contact Person Name : Imran Khawar  

Contact Person Cell Number: 03335104113

Registration :- Free (Please bring your NIC along with you , as it may be required to show it at University Gate)

Refreshments :- Sandwiches and Soft Drinks

Group Link :-






Microsoft Server Faimly & More .....

MSServerSide.NET Launch Event For VISTA , Office 2007 & .NET 3.0

I want to take this opportunity to thanks every one who attended MSServerSide.NET Launch Event (first one in the series of Launch events) held on Wednesday 2nd March at NED University, Karachi Pakistan. I also want to acknowledge NED.NET user group for there participation and arrangement of venue.  


Following is the brief summary of the Event

Country: – Pakistan

City: Karachi

Launch: – VISTA, Office 2007, .NET 3.0.

Venue: – NED University.

Audience: – 150

Date: – 2nd May 2007



All PowerPoint Slides and other related material used in Launch Event will be uploaded at MSServerside.NET mailing group in a short while.

As we are planning for more events