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Inside VSTS 2008 (Downlaod Presentation + Demos + Much More …)

Today, I gave a talk at CTU Event @ Microsoft Singapore. My session was on ALM with VSTS 2008. As promised , following are the links for
downlaoding session presentation and demos.
VSTS & TFS , is like a glaxy , and it requires some time to grasp and process the information provided. I am trying to provide ,
more and more resources on both of them. Mean while try following links.
Hands on Labs / Full blown VSTS-TFS VPC !
VSTS 2008 Hands-on Labs March 2008 Release.msi  (You need to scroll down the page , to see a seperate download for it) 
Articles & White Papers
This is just a tip of  an ice berg , I will try to post more links and info , over next couple of day.
I love to talk about this excellent product , hope audience had the same exprience.

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