TechDays Developers 2009 Session “OFC 304 : Common Development Mistakes During SharePoint Projects”

Tech Days Developers 2009  will be taking place globally on 1st April 2009 (or 31st March depends where you are located) , and I am so glad that I will be part of it. I will be speaking on Office and SharePoint Development track. Following are my session details

Title: OFC 304 Common Development Mistakes During SharePoint Projects   Timing: 1st April , 3:30 AM – 4:30 AM GMT (convert time zone here)

The session will talk about common mistakes that most developers made , ranging from memory leaks, in efficient list access etc.I have seen many times , that most common mistakes by developers are more or less documented or talked about , but some how its never enough. I think its more of human issue in general , but its so important to get the the word out as much as possible.Theme of the session is to keep demo simple and more accessible to both new and experienced developers , I have seen that new developers specially coming from ASP.NET background take a lot of things for granted in SharePoint (e.g dispose checks) , which in some cases very logical , but never the less very lethal in terms of performance hit. The session is level 300 , the thing is if you are attending you will  need intermediate  understanding of SharePoint Architecture and Object Model.I believe,  developers are developers , they mostly can understand the concept through code better than pie charts or slide decks full of fruity diagrams.For this reason I am trying to keep my presentation as simple as possible.

If you are not already registered yet , do it from here. If you are having problem understanding the timing for the sessions (as the event is virtual and global) , visit  http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc , this provides nice way to convert the time with respect to zones.


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