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Office 365 is now in Public Beta!

Office 365 finally goes into public beta today! Many congrats to Office 365 team J

Visit and apply now to secure your spot in beta program. I was working with Office 365 since last November, just after it was launched as a private beta and it’s been an awesome experience. Things like support service quality and overall stability of services were among the key highlights of private beta and I am quite positive it will remain the same way throughout the life cycle of Office 365.

I have done my own share of work on Office 365. I was involved in a POC of Office 365 and just finished a week back and now planning to help other organizations to adopt Office 365. As a matter of fact I recently wrote an article for MSDN MVP blog focusing on how organization can utilize SharePoint Online and Exchange Online to gain better productivity, article is suppose to be publish soon. I will share the link as soon as it goes live.

If you just started on Office 365 and looking for helpful content read my earlier blog post here.


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