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New York City SharePoint Developers UG Post Session Resources

Last Wednesday I delivered a session on “SharePoint 2010 Branding & Customization for Public Facing Sites” at NYC SharePoint Developers User Group at MSFT. As promised following are the links to the session content and related downloads.

Presentation: Watch Online | Download (pptx, ppt, pdf ,xps)

Demo: Master Page + Page Layout + HTML Layout (CSS + Images) | Watch Online | Download Video

Take a look at quick walk through on how to run a demo (for high definition video download it from link above). Make sure you have anonymous user enabled on your web application and site collection otherwise last part where I logged in as anonymous user will not work.

PS: I tried to use Camtasia to record the complete session but it turns out to be a pain as it seems to get stuck for updates and once finally start recording it has some issues with audio (doesn’t sync properly), if I manage to get it working I will upload it as well.

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How to Use Custom Colors in SharePoint 2010 Status Bar using CSS

The new Status bar in SharePoint 2010 is helpful in putting important information to the user in a more prominent way. By default there are total of four different status colors showing four different priorities as shown in figure below.

For most scenarios these colors and priorities will be enough. But there are scenarios where you will be required to change the colors as per business requirements. In this post you learn how to use custom colors to replace the original colors in status bar using CSS classes.–

Changing Status Background Color using CSS

The background colors for the status are coming from four classes residing inside core4.css files. Following figure shows these classes.

If you dig even deeper you will fill find out the that SharePoint uses class scheme like “s4-status-sN” where N is the status number corresponds to “1: Red, 2:Yellow , 3: Green and 4: Blue”. For example SharePoint will use “s4-status-s2” class for displaying status with Yellow background representing important status.

This can easily be pointed out as shown in figure below where IE8 developer tool bar is used to capture this.

Looking at the above scheming of the classes you might think about adding your own classes with incremental value for “N” that is greater than number four. For example “s4-status-s5to include your custom color, unfortunately this approach will not work. This is mainly because the default JavaScript that changes the status bar color can only use the four default classes. So the quickest way is to change the CSS and update these classes with desired color. Keep in mind that this approach will work but you still limited to total of four colors of status. But this is mainly a no code approach so may work faster and in most cases fulfill the need.

Following is the complete walk through of how to change the status colors using custom CSS, the Visual Studio 2010 project is created to demonstrate end to end scenario and test your work. But this is by no means a requirement, you can skip this and just use the CSS shown in step 9 and it should work. For those of you who want to try complete example following are the steps.

  1. Open a Visual Studio 2010 and create a new SharePoint 2010 Project, select “Empty SharePoint Project” as project type and give it a name “MyCustomStatusColors”. Click “OK” to create the project. See the figure below.



  2. On the “SharePoint Customization Wizard” type the URL of the SharePoint site which you want to use for deployment & debugging. Select “Deploy as farm solution”, see the figure below. Finally click “Finish”.



  3. Right Click the project and select “Addà SharePoint “Layouts” Mapped Folder” this will create a new mapped folder named “MyCustomStatusColor” as shown below.



  4. Right Click “MyCustomStatusColor” folder and select “AddàNew Item”.


  5. On the “Add New Item” dialog box select “Web” the installed template and then select “Style Sheet”. Name it “CustomStatusColors.css”, and click “Add”. This is shown in figure below.





  1. Open the “core4.css” file located inside “<Drive-Letter>:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedWeb Server Extensions14TEMPLATELAYOUTS1033STYLES”. Where “<Drive-Letter>” is the drive where SharePoint is installed (for example “C”).


  2. Locate and copy the following classes from “core4.css” file.



  3. Paste these classes into CSS file “MyCustomStatusColors.css” that you created in Step 5.


  4. Change the background, border-color, and color attributes for all the classes as shown in figure below. You can always choose colors of your choice.



  5. Your work related to CSS customization is done, next you build a very simple SharePoint Application Page with a single HTML button and a drop down which corresponds to status number. On clicking the button a new status message will be added to status bar using SharePoint ECMAScript. It’s a simple way to see the changes in action. We will later use this page in second part for some more advance JavaScript based customizations.


  6. Click on “MyCustomStatusColors” folder and select “Add New Item”. On the “Add New Item” dialog select “Application Page”. Name it “CustomStatusColors.aspx”, and click “Add”. This is shown in figure below.




  1. First add a link to the custom “CustomStatusColors.css”, this way classes inside it will override the “core4.css” classes. This is shown in figure below. Make sure you add it under content area with ID “PageHead”



  2. Before we add the SharePoint ECMA Script code to add new status with desired color note that as we only changed colors through CSS the ECMA Script function does not have knowledge of these custom colors, so in standard SharePoint ECMAScript methods you still need to pass original color names namely “red,yellow,blue,green”, this is just a way it behaves. However as we have changed the colors inside CSS classes these custom colors will correctly appear for the status messages instead of the original colors. For your convenience following table shows this mapping including original color and new colors.



Original Color

New Color














  1. Add following script into the “PageHead” content area as shown in figure below.


  1. Finally add the following markup into the “Main” content.



  2. That’s it, press F5 from the Visual Studio to build and deploy the project, this will also open the site in a new browser window so you can test your work.


    Note: You must build the project targeting x64 platform. This is the requirement for all SharePoint 2010 projects.


  3. On the SharePoint site, type the following URL, replace “SiteURL” with the actual URL of your SharePoint site. This is the site URL that you have used while creating the SharePoint project in Step 2.




  4. On the “CustomStatusColor” page use the drop down to select any status and then click “change status color” button. You will notice a new status message is added each time you click the button and color of the status message is coming from custom CSS. You may want to contrast these colors with the table shown in step 13. Following is the screen shot of all the four status messages with custom color.











Although you have applied color of your choice you are still limited to total of four colors at a time, this can be overcome by using java script. Perhaps I will do a write up on that too in a later post.

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My Session “Working with SharePoint 2010 RESTful Data Service Interfaces” @ NYC SharePoint User Group

I will be presenting at New York City SharePoint User Group on 6th October 2010. Check the session details below.

Title: Working with SharePoint 2010 RESTful Data Service Interfaces.

Details: This session will provide details on SharePoint 2010 REST API and how to use it to work with SharePoint lists and libraries. It also provides an overview of architecture and how REST fits with SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft’s approach for it.The demos will show how to build applications using the RESTful interface right from VS 2010. You will also see how to use non-Microsoft tools to perform CURD operations on SharePoint 2010 lists & libraries.

View Session Presentation Online here 


Presentation pptx | ppt | pdf | xps  

Demos    Demos Code| Site & List Templates | All in One (Demos + Site & List Templates)

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 MCPD & MCITP Certifications

[Updates on 11/Aug/2010: Added new link for SharePoint 2010 Hands On Labs + MSDN Virtual Labs links are updated.New links are added for SharePoint content from various conferences]

I recently earned my MCPD & MCITP certifications for SharePoint 2010 by passing all four required exams. Last month I had taken these exams and finally got confirmation from Microsoft that I have actually passed the whole track.



It’s my first experience with MSFT beta exams and definitely a good one one, but one of the most challenging part was limited material and guidance available to start preparing for these exams, plus there is very little information available on the exam themselves which I think is common with all the beta exams. Never the less MSDN and TechNet act as a great source of information including some great hands on tutorials. One thing that helped me a lot  is all the hands on activities I have done with SharePoint 2010 beta.

For those who are not aware of SharePoint 2010 Certifications, MSFT now offers two separate tracks namely MCPD for Developers and MCITP for IT Professionals each containing two exams as shown in figure below. This also means that SharePoint professionals (both Developers and IT Professionals) are now better align with other technologies / product certifications (for example .NET 3.5 MCPD track).


MCPD: SharePoint Developer 2010 Track

First you need to pass Exam 70-573 TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development and then Exam 70-576: PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications to earn MCPD SharePoint Developer 2010.

MCITP: SharePoint Administrator 2010 Track

First you need to pass Exam 70-667: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring and then Exam 70-668: PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Administrator to earn MCITP SharePoint Administrator 2010.

Microsoft Official Trainings

MSFT has announced couple of official trainings aligned with these certifications and in fact the links above provides detail on these trainings under the “Preparation Material” tab, so do look for them. Following is simple graphic view of what is available at this moment.





Question:- Where can I get free training material for SharePoint 2010?

Actually Microsoft provides great deal of training material that can help you out. Check following links below that contains hours of training material without any cost.

Get Started Developing on SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Course

SharePoint 2010 Advanced IT Professional Training

Question:- Can I get ready to use SharePoint 2010 environment to do hands on activities?

SharePoint 2010 Virtual Image

You can download SharePoint 2010 Virtual Machine (Hyper-V image) form here. It contains SharePoint 2010 already configured for you along with Office 2010 & Project Server 2010. The Virtual Machines are only for evaluation and will expire after 180 days.  Once you have SharePoint 2010 environment ready to use you can download SharePoint 2010 Hands on Labs (You can either download all of them as a single zip file or individually) . Following are the brief details of the these labs.

SharePoint 2010 Hands on Labs

HOL01 – Developing a Visual Web Part in Visual Studio 2010
This hands-on lab introduces the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint development environment. It shows how to build a Visual Web Part using LINQ to SharePoint, and how to connect one Web Part to another Web Part on the page. 

HOL02 – Developing a List Definition and Event Receiver in Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab walks you through building a list definition for SharePoint 2010 in Visual Studio 2010. It also shows how to build an event receiver for the list in Visual Studio 2010 and deploy it to SharePoint. After the list and event receiver are deployed, you can use the developer dashboard to evaluate the performance of the event receiver. 

HOL03 – Developing Advanced Web Parts for SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab shows how to build a Web Part using several SharePoint-specific controls in Visual Studio 2010. Investigate advanced built-in Web Parts, including the Data View Web Part. 

HOL04 – Developing with LINQ to SharePoint in Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab explores a variety of LINQ queries on SharePoint 2010, going into more depth than the introductory hands-on lab. It also walks you through an exercise of creating a custom content type in Visual Studio 2010. 

HOL05 – Developing for SharePoint 2010 with the Client OM and REST in Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab introduces the Client object model for use in calling SharePoint 2010 APIs from a client machine. It also shows the use of ADO.NET Data Services to call REST services in SharePoint 2010. 

HOL06 – Developing a BCS External Content Type with Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab walks you through building an external content type for Business Connectivity Services using Visual Studio 2010. It also builds a form for Microsoft Outlook and shows the data being edited offline in Outlook. 

HOL07 – Developing a SharePoint 2010 Workflow with Initiation Form in Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab walks you through building a workflow in Visual Studio 2010 for SharePoint 2010. You add an initiation form to the workflow and use an external data exchange activity in the workflow. 

HOL08 – Developing SharePoint 2010 User Interface with Silverlight in Visual Studio 2010
This hands-on lab walks you through building Microsoft Silverlight applications for use in SharePoint 2010. You will access SharePoint 2010 data in Silverlight using the Client object model. 

HOL09 – Developing SharePoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions in Visual Studio 2010 
This hands-on lab walks you through building a Sandboxed Solution Web Part for SharePoint 2010. It will also add code to the Web Part that overloads the limits placed by the sandboxed solution, and you will review how the solution is shut down. 

HOL10 – Developing SharePoint 2010 User Interface Ribbon and Dialog Customizations
This hands-on lab walks you through adding a custom action to the SharePoint 2010 ribbon, and creating a Web Part that uses the Dialog Framework.

SharePoint 2010 Virtual Labs

Off course for running the Hyper-V Image you need Windows Server 2008 x64 bit and machine with decent memory, if you find it difficult to manage this take a look at Microsoft Virtual Labs below.

Microsoft has launched number of SharePoint 2010 Virtual Labs, these labs are hosted on Microsoft Server so you don’t need to download anything on your machine and there is no constrain related to RAM or OS. Following is the list of Virtual Labs available at the moment, MSFT may add more in the future.

For IT Professionals
TechNet Virtual Lab: Backup and Restore in SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Business Continuity Management in SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Configuring Remote Blob Storage FILESTREAM Provider for SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Configuring Tenant Administration on SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Configuring User Profile Synchronization in SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Upgrade
TechNet Virtual Lab: New IT Pro Features in SharePoint Server 2010
TechNet Virtual Lab: Windows PowerShell in SharePoint Server 2010 

For Developers

MSDN Virtual Lab: Client Object Model

MSDN Virtual Lab: Customizing MySites

MSDN Virtual Lab: Designing Lists and Schemas

MSDN Virtual Lab: Developing a BCS External Content Type with Visual Studio 2010

MSDN Virtual Lab: Developing a Sandboxed Solution with Web Parts

MSDN Virtual Lab: Developing a Visual Web Part in Visual Studio 2010

MSDN Virtual Lab: Developing Business Intelligence Applications

MSDN Virtual Lab: Enterprise Content Management

MSDN Virtual Lab: Getting Started with SharePoint 2010

MSDN Virtual Lab: LINQ to SharePoint 2010

MSDN Virtual Lab: SharePoint 2010 User Interface Advancements

MSDN Virtual Lab: Visual Studio SharePoint Tools

MSDN Virtual Lab: Workflow


Question:- Are there any books I can use for SharePoint 2010 Exams?

At the moment there are no books that specifically target any of the SharePoint 2010 Exams. However the books that are recently published will help you gaining good understanding of SharePoint 2010 and definitely can help you for the exam. But do remember that SharePoint 2010 exams are much more aligned with real world scenarios and practices so more you get hands on experience with SharePoint 2010 higher the chances that you actually pass the exams.

Question:- I am experienced ASP.NET 3.5 developer with MCPD in .NET 3.5 (Exam 70-564), how should I proceed to SharePoint 2010 MCPD track? Is there any upgrade path?

I receive this question with number of variations like rather than ASP.NET 3.5 it would be ASP.NET 2.0. The answer depends on your experience and current knowledge of SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2010 uses ASP.NET 3.5 (not 4.0) as a framework so it might be easier for you to pick topics like web part development, master pages etc. But at the same time you need to develop understanding of areas that are exclusive to SharePoint like Page Layouts, Features etc. So simply put get yourself some time to dig into SharePoint 2010 and use MSDN, TechNet and trainings to get started. When you are comfortable then go for certifications. For the second part of the question regarding the upgrade path, the answer is NO you cannot upgrade to SharePoint 2010 MCPD track from any other of MCPD track, at least I am not aware of any.

Question:-  Are there any free SharePoint conference videos/sessions available for download?

Yes, there are number of sessions available to download from various conferences.These session will help you getting better knowledge on various SharePoint 2010 areas.however do take note that these sessions regardless of event/conference are not specifically target any  SharePoint 2010 certification exams, but will help you getting better understanding of SharePoint 2010 which ultimately help you prepare for the exams. 

With this I have to end this post, but I will try to come back later and add/update it as things changes over time.


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SharePoint Saturday Arabia : Unleash the Power of OBA with SharePoint 2010

I am delivering session titled "Unleash the Power of OBA with SharePoint 2010" at SharePoint Saturday Arabia , today.There are other great sessions line up , so do tune in, for the details 

visit .My session details are as follows.

Timing : 8:30 AM – 9:20 AM  (GMT + 0 )

Date : 27 March 2010

Title: Unleash the Power of OBA with SharePoint 2010

Synopsis: The session will unleash how Office Business Application along with SharePoint 2010 can bring supreme experience for enterprise users. This is a demo led session targeted towards those are looking forward to build products on top of Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Come and join this session if you excited about SharePoint 2010 and Office Business Applications.    

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Inside VSTS 2008 (Downlaod Presentation + Demos + Much More …)

Today, I gave a talk at CTU Event @ Microsoft Singapore. My session was on ALM with VSTS 2008. As promised , following are the links for
downlaoding session presentation and demos.
VSTS & TFS , is like a glaxy , and it requires some time to grasp and process the information provided. I am trying to provide ,
more and more resources on both of them. Mean while try following links.
Hands on Labs / Full blown VSTS-TFS VPC !
VSTS 2008 Hands-on Labs March 2008 Release.msi  (You need to scroll down the page , to see a seperate download for it) 
Articles & White Papers
This is just a tip of  an ice berg , I will try to post more links and info , over next couple of day.
I love to talk about this excellent product , hope audience had the same exprience.