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Office 365 Session @ Microsoft NYC

As Office 365 goes into public beta, it’s time to dig deeper into the features of Office 365. I am conducing a session on Office 365 with demo of its services @ Microsoft NYC on 27th April 2010 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Registration is free (if you don’t like to register via website and still want to attend, arrive bit early so you can be registered onsite). I am planning to cover following topics

  • Office 365 Overview
  • Office 365 Walkthrough (Demo)
    • SharePoint Online
    • Exchange Online
    • Lync Online
    • Office Web Applications
  • Case Study & QA

As a good gesture of good will every attendee will receive a free copy of Enhanced Productivity with SharePoint Online & Exchange Online, a case study I wrote which explains how organizations can leverage Office 365 to enhance their productivity.


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My “Office 365- SharePoint Online” session at GITCA “24 Hours in the Cloud” Event

[Update 15th April 2011:- This event is re-scheduled to take place on 1st June 2011]

It’s been really a busy year for me so far, I really like indulging into speaking especially when it comes to user groups and communities. GITCA (The Global IT Community Association) on June 1st 2011 will be conducting a 24 hour virtual event “24 hours in the Cloud” focusing on cloud computing. There will be various sessions ranging from Windows Azure to Office 365 (vNext of BPOS). As Office 365 is currently in private beta it’s a great opportunity for many of you to get a closer look into what’s coming up in next from Microsoft.

I am also presenting in this event, my session is “Office 365 – SharePoint Online Overview”. I will be covering the basics of SharePoint Online and dividing my allocated sixty minutes session time into multiple demos with discussion on various features and functionalities of SharePoint Online. I will also touch base on key considerations while making a shift from On-Premise to Online version of SharePoint. It’s a virtual event and all the speakers including me will be available via twitter (mine is @razibinrais) to answer your questions. I will be sharing my session resources (slide deck + session video) after the session right here on this blog post, so stay tuned for that.


So join in and learn about Microsoft Cloud!

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New York City SharePoint Developers UG Post Session Resources

Last Wednesday I delivered a session on “SharePoint 2010 Branding & Customization for Public Facing Sites” at NYC SharePoint Developers User Group at MSFT. As promised following are the links to the session content and related downloads.

Presentation: Watch Online | Download (pptx, ppt, pdf ,xps)

Demo: Master Page + Page Layout + HTML Layout (CSS + Images) | Watch Online | Download Video

Take a look at quick walk through on how to run a demo (for high definition video download it from link above). Make sure you have anonymous user enabled on your web application and site collection otherwise last part where I logged in as anonymous user will not work.

PS: I tried to use Camtasia to record the complete session but it turns out to be a pain as it seems to get stuck for updates and once finally start recording it has some issues with audio (doesn’t sync properly), if I manage to get it working I will upload it as well.

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My Session “Working with SharePoint 2010 RESTful Data Service Interfaces” @ NYC SharePoint User Group

I will be presenting at New York City SharePoint User Group on 6th October 2010. Check the session details below.

Title: Working with SharePoint 2010 RESTful Data Service Interfaces.

Details: This session will provide details on SharePoint 2010 REST API and how to use it to work with SharePoint lists and libraries. It also provides an overview of architecture and how REST fits with SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft’s approach for it.The demos will show how to build applications using the RESTful interface right from VS 2010. You will also see how to use non-Microsoft tools to perform CURD operations on SharePoint 2010 lists & libraries.

View Session Presentation Online here 


Presentation pptx | ppt | pdf | xps  

Demos    Demos Code| Site & List Templates | All in One (Demos + Site & List Templates)